National Technology Leadership Summit IX

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Educational Technology Editors

  • Ann Thompson & Denise Crawford, Editors, Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education
  • Richard Fertig, Editor, Journal of Technology and Teacher Education (JTATE)
  • Cleb Maddux, Computers in the Schools (CIS)
  • Glen Bull and Lynn Bell, Editors, Contemporary Issues in
    Technology & Teacher Education
    (CITE Journal)
  • Dave Edyburn, Journal of Research on Technology in Education (JRTE)
  • Michael Spector, Educational Technology Research & Development (ETR&D)
  • Chuck Hodges, Tech Trends
  • Kinshuk, Journal of Educational Technology and Society (JETS)
  • Nick Rushby, British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET)

Educational Technology Associations

  • David Slykhuis, President, Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE)
  • Steve Harmon, President, Association for Educational Communications & Technology (AECT)
  • Gary Marks, Executive Director, Association for Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
  • Randy Hansen, President, Teacher Education SIG (SIGTE), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
  • Kinshuk, IEEE Technical Committee on Learning Technology
  • Margaret Bausch, Teacher Education Representative, Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)
  • Camilla Gagliolo, ISTE 2015 Conference Program Director

Teacher Educator Association Representatives

  • Sharon Robinson, President, American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE)
  • Louann Reid, Chair, National Council of Teachers of English Conference on English Education (CEE)
  • Melanie Shoffner, Chair, National Council of Teachers of English Conference on English Education (CEE)
  • Christine Thomas, President, Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE)
  • Lisa Martin-Hansen, President, Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE)
  • Joanne Olson, Past-president, Association for Science Teacher Education (ASTE)
  • Meghan Manfra, Chair, National Council for the Social Studies College and University Faculty Assembly (CUFA)
  • Ayn Keneman, President, IRA Organization of Teacher Educators in Literacy (OTEL)
  • Rachel Waller, President-elect, IRA Organization of Teacher Educators in Literacy (OTEL)
  • Steve Barbato, CEO, International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA)
  • Anne Spence, American Society Engineering for Engineering Edudation (ASEE)

School Systems

  • Rosa Atkins, Superintendent, Charlottesville City Schools
  • Pam Moran, Superintendent, Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS)
  • Chad Ratliff, Engineering Education Coordinator (ACPS)

Educational Agencies and Technology Centers

  • Greg Pearson, National Academy of Engineering
  • David Burghardt, Director, Hofstra Center for Technological Literacy
  • David Thornburg, Director, Thornburg Center
  • Michael Littman, Principal Investigator, Joseph Henry Apparatus Project

Educational Association Technology Commitees and Interest Groups

American Educational Research Association (AERA)

  • Evrim Baran, Chair, AERA Computer & Internet Applications in Education SIG
  • Natalie Milman, AERA Technology as an Agent of Change SIG
  • Dale Niederhauser, AERA Technology as an Agent of Change SIG

AACTE Committee on Innovation and Technology

  • Kevin Graziano, Chair
  • Elizabeth Finsness, Co-Chair
  • John Jacobson, AACTE Board
  • Jeffrey Carpenter 
  • Arlene Borthwick 
  • Teresa DeBacker 
  • Tim Finklea, AACTE Liaison with NTLS

ISTE Teacher Education Network (TEN)

  • Randy Hansen, President
  • Teresa Foulger, Past-President

Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE)

  • Gerald Knezek, Past-president, SITE
  • Mike Searson, Past-president, SITE
  • John Lee, Chair - SITE Teacher Education Council
  • Rhonda Christensen, Chair, Research Evaluation SIG
  • Cindy Anderson, Chair, Special Education SIG
  • Tandra Tyler-Wood, Special Education SIG
  • Punya Mishra, Creativity SIG
  • Mark Hofer, TPACK Teaching Cases

Educational Technology Corporate Partners

  • Paul Reynolds, CEO, FableVision
  • Jim Ptaszynski, Microsoft Teacher Education Initiative
  • Sally Cheney, McGraw-Hill School Education Group
  • Maria Vasquez, Director of Government Relations, Promethean
  • Tom Miller, Director of Product Planning, Canon U.S.A.
  • Kim Carrette, Special Account Sales, Canon U.S.A.
  • John Westrum, Vice President, Afinia
  • Clara Tsao, Microsoft TEACH Initiative

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